Medford, NJ Trainer

 BURN Fit Studio is a completely unique personal training studio located in Medford, NJ

dedicated to the highest quality training services available.

All of our personal training services are customed tailored to each person's individual needs, ensuring each individual reaches their fitness goals!

We work with new moms, doctors,physical therapists, chiropractors,young athletes, and children. No matter your goals, we can tailor a plan to make it happen.

We specialize in:

  • personal training
  • functional daily living
  • balance
  • strength 
  • flexibility 
  • core conditioning
  • cardiovascular exercise

One of our nationally certified, experienced and motivating personal trainers will design an exercise and/or nutritional program for you to specifically meet your individual goal. Health history, prior injuries and any limitations are addressed during the program design.

Programs typically include full body strength training to increase metabolism and toning, core stability and balance training, stretching for flexibility and any post-rehab exercises that may be advisable.

As a Client of BURN Fit Studio, your benefits include:

✔ 100 Healthy Recipes ALL prepared in 30 minutes or less

✔ Sample meal plans & recipes

✔ Weekly accountability check-ins

✔ Lose 3-5 pounds your first week (following our plan)

✔ Increased health & fitness

✔ 1600-1700 calorie 28-Day meal plan

✔ No boring cardio workouts

✔ Effective workouts written with You in mind-The Individual

✔ Access to our "members only section"

✔ Step-by-Step detailed plans on how to transform your body

✔ Ultimate ab and core-based programs that get results quickly

✔ Customized workout programs designed for your personal needs

✔ Off day workouts you can do at your home or gym

✔ Unlimited phone & email support

✔ Studio t-shirt