Fit Studio
Co-Ed Strength Camp
Tuesdays/Thursdays 7pm  Yoga Class Wednesdays 6pm.


Co-ed strength camp sessions focus on developing strength capacity through the use of resistance training, varying intervals, and time sequences. The end game is burning  fat and increasing lean muscle along with a yoga class to improve flexibility and muscular endurance.

We do all of this by integrating an array of different fitness components into your training each and every day.

Never the Same ... Always Challenging!

Equipment that will be used:

Barbells / Dumbbells

Suspension "TRX" Training
Medicine Balls
Jump Ropes
And Much More ...

Strength Camp Benefit:

Small Class Sizes

Strength Camp includes 6-12 participants to create an environment where teamwork, support, camaraderie, and accountability can be practiced with like-minded people looking to achieve the same goals in a fun and safe way. Because the class size is limited, our expert fitness coaches are able to easily provide the individual attention and instruction needed to exceed your expectations.

Muscle Building & Definition

Building strong, lean muscle is about more than lifting heavy weights. Stabilization and Strength Training work together.  Our expert training staff know how to teach proper technique, develop a customized program to build lean muscle, and obtain the definition or "ripped" look you desire.  Your body will transform as it transitions to a higher level of performance.  

Expert Fitness Coaching and Suppport

Motivation, proper exercise demonstration, and a bit of tough love to bring out your absolute best.  There will be times during your fitness journey when you don't want to show up or want to quit.  Having support staff to bridge those moments to your success is priceless.

Done-for-You Nutrition 

 Easy-to-follow meal plans, our Paleo Food List, Our 21 Days Clean Food Plan, 100 Smoothie recipe manual,and Fat Burning Recipes that will make incorporating healthy and delicious eating into your life a synch.  Our  Strength Camp is the perfection combination of physical exercise and proper nutrition ensuring you see results fast, and safely. 

Your own individual workout plan

As a bonus, All Strength Camp Members will receive their very own workout plan for workouts when they are not at Strength Camp. We've had Strength Camp participants in the past ask us to write workouts to do on their own.

For Four (4) Weeks You Get:

  • 12 Great Heart Pumping Up Tempo Resistance Workouts Dates listed above ($100 Value)

  • An Individual Workout Plan for your Off Days ($50 Value)

  • Our Paleo Food List ($24 Value)

  • Our 21 Day Clean Food Plan ($24 Value)

  • Our 100 Smoothie Recipes ($24.99 Value)

  • Fat Burning High Protein Breakfast Recipes (at least 20 recipes) ($9.99 Value)

  • Plenty of Support  

  • Yoga Class Wednesdays 6pm